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Heu heu… Parantos Lila Geuning!!!

“Lila geuning” ha ha!!! thats sundanese phrase was flashing on my mind when I read this blog again 😀

Today and several days ago, I walked around this blog. I’ve just noticed that it has been over a year since I posted the last article about WordCamp Indonesia 2010. And you know, I’ve already attended that annual event 4 days ago at Bumi Sangkuriang, Bandung. It was the third event since was held three years ago in Indonesia. Continue reading


My Music Playlist on Making Bachelor Thesis Process

Selama proses pengerjaan skripsi, beberapa lagu berikut yang biasa menemani saya. Lagu-lagu itu cukup membuat semangat saya terjaga. Biasanya saya shuffle lagu-lagu ntu, biar gak bosen. Ya, walau kadang yang namanya manusia mah, sering bosen n melempem juga. hehehe. Anyway lah, cekidot…^^ Continue reading